Selecting Zero Turn Lawn Mower as the Best Lawn Mower

Everyone one wants that his lawn looks green and fresh and in summer it can be the best place to party with your friend and family. But taking care of your lawn is a daunting task as you have to cut the weeds and you have to maintain the proper length of the grass that grows fast in summer. It is necessary that you should own the best lawn mower to maintain the look of your garden. There are a lot of models available in the market but in this article, we will discuss the zero turn lawn mower.

Best Lawn Mower

A zero turn mower is a standard riding lawn mower machine with a turning radius that is zero. Zero turn mowers are more efficient and faster in working than any other lawn mowers. These mowers are available in every size, capacity, and specification according to need and situation. In rural areas where you have to maintain acres of the green field around your home, zero turn mowers are best to be your property then owning a tractor. Let’s discuss this lawn mower in detail.

Best Lawn Mower

Safe and Efficient

This machine is designed to mow your green land efficiently and safely. Zero turn mowers have two wheels that are hydraulically controlled. Turns are taken by moving one wheel faster than the other.  Zero turn mowers have a low center of gravity. They have a hydraulic steering that allows the rider to adjust the speed to cut with more precision.

Brief History of the Zero Turn Mower.

There are two manufacturers that claim that they have invented the Zero Turn Mower. Both belong to Kansas. A person John developed the first zero turn mower in 1964. The machine was hydraulic in its nature and its wheels can spin in both directions He sold his machine to a nearby tractor manufacturing company namely “Excel Industries”. This company is still producing these mowers.

Before Choosing a Z-Turn Mower.

Before choosing the best zero turn mower, you should keep in mind some necessary things. Every operator has its own needs, area to be mowed and tastes. The difference between them is their ease of operation and comfort level. You need to find a local dealer that is trustworthy and he is able to give you suggestions about different manufacturers and models. He is able to give you after sales services like repairs and replacing spare parts. You should ride on some mowers to check your comfort level.  There is a little variation in the noise levels of the mowers. Go for the mowers that have less noisy motors.

Zero turn mowers are ideal for large landscapes or commercial uses like golf courses where high degree trimming is required. There are two types of Z-Turn mowers. These are front mounted and mid mounted mowers. Mid mounted mowers are less flexible and they have a bit low trimming quality. Always choose low cutting heights for your mowing machine. Read the whole operator manual to understand your machine and its safety warnings.

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